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Stephy Hogan

Stephy Hogan

Director of UX

Red Argyle

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Stephy, a defector from the world of chemistry who traded her beakers for browsers, has been redefining digital accessibility for over twenty years. Her journey from chemical compounds to complex comps has marked her as a powerhouse of adaptability and inventive design. Diving headfirst into Salesforce design engineering, she learned to navigate its complexities at warp speed. Her career highlights include decrypting cybersecurity, orchestrating UX at IBM's Salesforce division, and currently, leading a UX design practice at Red Argyle.

Her forthcoming book, "A UXer's Field Guide to Salesforce Design," set for a June 2024 release, promises to be the Swiss Army knife for navigating Salesforce design—handy for designers and non-designers alike.

As a seasoned conference circuit veteran, Stephy has dispensed wisdom at dozens of conferences to thousands of attendees, often leaving them enlightened and, thankfully, awake. Her knack for transforming dense design jargon into clear, applicable knowledge makes her sessions a beacon of clarity in a sea of tech speak. Empathy is her secret sauce, making her work not just visually stunning but profoundly impactful, establishing her as the Dumbledore of digital accessibility.


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