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Karyn Dubravetz

Karyn Dubravetz


University of Colorado - Denver

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Like many, my road to becoming a Salesforce Admin was long and winding. After earning my degree in Russian Translation, I spent over 10 years in administrative support and project management roles for various nonprofit organizations. While I struggled to find my ideal career path, I always enjoyed learning new software and helping others use it. My career started to take shape when I joined the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, handling the documentation, training and some admin work on their new CRM. Sadly I had to leave that role when I moved from Washington DC back to my home state of Ohio. But this gave me the opportunity to begin work as a Salesforce Admin: first with the Mandel JCC of Cleveland and now with the University of Colorado. Outside of Salesforce I enjoy spending time with my spouse, our 2 cats and a rotation of foster kittens. I love animals and nature, cooking plant-based food, attending comedy shows, and my newest love is ice skating. It's never too late to try something new.


FRIDAY JUNE 9 - 10:00 AM



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