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Derek D' Andrea

Derek D' Andrea

Managing Director

Deloitte Consulting, LLP

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Derek is a proven leader with expertise implementing and managing large-scale initiatives for Health and Human Services (HHS) agencies. Derek led the Colorado Integrated Eligibility (IE) project for Deloitte from 2010 to 2020. During that time, he led the team through several transformation efforts that modernized the system, improved services for Coloradans, and helped the state garner more than 10 industry awards for innovation, collaboration, and improving state operations. More recently, Derek has been leading modernization efforts for Child Support Enforcement Systems in Arizona and Tennessee. Derek has led several HHS agencies in migrating systems to Cloud technologies, including Salesforce, AWS, and Azure. Through those efforts, he has employed a variety of methods, including Agile and Human Centered Design, to produce the right outcome for each situation. He is seen as an agile leader who can work across the HHS spectrum.


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