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FRIDAY JUNE 9 - 10:00 AM


Zero = Good. Monitor Your Data with a "Zero Dashboard"

Salesforce offers many different ways to prevent and monitor for things like bad data, and improper settings. But each org is different, and sometimes things just happen. With so much on your plate, it can be hard to monitor for everything. Let me help make your life a little easier with "Zero Dashboards".

In this presentation, I will show you how to use "Zero Dashboards" to monitor for many different types of data irregularities that you define for your organization, all with the click of a button. I'll walk you through a sample setup, including a few of my favorite dashboard tips. I'll share some sample use cases and look forward to hearing your ideas!

You'll walk away from this session excited to feel more confident about your organization's data without spending any extra monitoring time on a daily basis.



University of Colorado - Denver

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