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From Spreadsheets to Solution in less than 90 Days

Transforming Partner Management for Child Nutrition Operations*
How can your nonprofit’s program team go from spreadsheets and siloed data, to a 360-degree view of their mission?

Learn how the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank and Prolocity created a comprehensive solution to manage community partnerships using’s Program Management Module, CongaSign and Experience Cloud.

The Child Nutrition team at Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank is dedicated to increasing access to healthy meals for children who are food insecure. They support over 250 member agencies and more than 1000 community partners who serve meals for children after school or during the summer, and needed a solution to manage all of their data in one place.

Child nutrition serving sites are highly regulated at the state and federal levels, so the Child Nutrition team needed a system to track their program partners through their full life cycle from prospect through renewing partnership, to ensure eligibility and compliance with regulations. The main goal of the solution was to ease the administrative workload of following up with partners and unlock robust reporting into key impact metrics across programs to carry out the Food Bank's mission to address the meal gap and food insecurity in their community.

The Food Bank serves its community in many ways, from mobile food pantries to after school meal programs and everything in between. With many children and families relying on their services every day, organization is key to support those who need it most. Learn how they moved from spreadsheets to a flexible solution that scales with them to deliver more impact. Prolocity and the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank’s Child Nutrition team will share their approach for managing dozens of distinct program offerings—each with their unique application processes, regulation and reporting requirements.

With the help of supporters and partners, the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank distributed nearly 42 million meals in southwestern Pennsylvania from July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022. They continue to work with Salesforce solutions, new programs and new partners to figure out how to provide the additional meals that are needed to overcome food insecurity.

*Before Salesforce*
Disparate data tracking systems
Difficult to report on historical engagement
Manage follow-up tasks through email and phone
Inconsistent Partner Experience

*After Salesforce*
Single Source of Truth
Robust reporting on Program Impact
Transformed Partner Experience


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