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DevOps: Tooling, Origins, and Ready-to-be-Tapped Possibilities

The possibilities and acclaim of DevOps has an origins story few have heard. It's rooted in practices and ways-of-working regularly improved and tracing back over 100 years. With the unintentional obscuring of time and the intentional exclusion of a prescriptive DevOps "right and one true way" definition, organizations have simultaneously progressed and become perplexed. Like all tech stacks and platforms, this perplexity in the Salesforce Space can lead to picking-and-choosing DevOps practices that are familiar and clear to us. For those who have been working in enterprise organizations and systems, the improvements that can be gained from technology, although still very challenging to implement, is the low-hanging-comfort-fruit we tend to focus on. This presentation will begin with a brief intro and overview, move into a demo on Unlocked Packages, diving into the why, what's possible, and a tooling demo of a Continuous Integration(CI) system for Unlocked Packages(2GP) with GitHub Actions. The last half of the presentation will dive into the origins of DevOps, the historical and present day impact of those origins, and why technology is just the tip of the iceberg in the practice of DevOps. I will provide low-level effort and practical initiatives and approaches applicable at the individual, team, and organizational levels looking to realize the possibilities available from the rest of the DevOps iceberg.


DevOps Practitioner

Octo an IBM Company

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